The main aim behind is to give passionate indoor gamers with the best choices of products available on the market, based on their performance, quality, and price.

Now, a huge problem right now over the internet is that everyone seems to be reviewing products without critically analyzing their performances and just ranking them based on vague benchmarks. This is a problem because choosing a product based on reviews like these can result in a ton of loss of your time and money.

Here at,, we put extensive thought in reviewing products, spend hours analyzing their pros and cons, and at the end present a complete analysis of a product in an easy to comprehend format. We chose to go this way because we are well aware of your passion when you’re in search for an air hockey or foosball table to buy for your home.

You only recommend you products that are proven winners. Else, we will clearly mention what downsides you might face when buying that air hockey or ping pong table.

Buying a new product, specially online, is always a risk, as you can’t actually touch and experience that product until you’ve bought it. We’ve tried to eliminate that risk through these hands-on reviews we’re doing on our site.