Air-hockey table means lots of fun. It is a game that is enjoyable by both young and elderly. It is considered as one of the best table games available in the world.

It is an air-driven gaming table with pricked playing platform and a battery or wall powered fan. Pretty much like a hovercraft, the air hockey puck floats on the surface.

Buying air hockey table is not an easy task. But if you determine your intentions first, it becomes much easier to make the perfect decision.

This air hockey table buying guide will give you all the necessary information to need to buy the air hockey table of your choice. So, without further ado, let’s get started!

Types of Air Hockey Tables

The air hockey tables available in the market for purchase by customers are limited. This makes their choice to be constrained as it fails to observe the principle of availability which is key factor to willing and able buyers. Some of the few types available are explained below;

Air Hockey Table Design

A basic design air hockey table is best suited for recreational purposes at home. It is a version of the arcade- style of a table which has got no whistles and bells.

When purchasing, it requires less amount of money because some parts of the table is removed since it is used for simple mainly at home.

This kind of a table is made to be simple and therefore do not produce any music, flashing lights and any electronic scoring when compared to the arcade style tables.

The tables sold in the market comprise varying price tags ranging from cheap to expensive depending on the quality of each table.

Tables made for young children are simple and cheap because they do not require much skills and can share unlike adults where each person should be in a possession of one air hockey table in order to capture the required skills and win since most adult matches like in schools is a competition aimed at getting a winner and a loser.

Air Hockey Tables for Multi-games

These types of tables enable buyers to purchase only one table in which they can be allowed to play a lot of games in which they have the skill. An important note here is that, one hockey table can be used to play several games apart from air hockey tables.

Examples of multiple game tables are: table tennis, shuffleboard, bowling, board games among others.

Arcade-style Air Hockey Tables

Arcade-style of hockey tables is the most complex and improved type of table. Due to their high quality, they are able to measure the full regulation size of eight feet in length, produce music, and sound electronic scoring which makes them popular among many users.

These tables portray features such as strong ring walls for excellent deflection, well-constructed, smooth playing surface, hardest and commercial blowing motor.

Therefore, they provide service for a long time before wearing out and handle extensive amount of playing hours but in professional air hockey leagues it is not applicable.

Different Skills Levels Air Hockey Tables

Air hockey tables are used in many places; thus, it is important to understand the needs of the users when in need of buying them and their varying prices. Therefore, buyers need to purchase the cheapest for a beginning which is simple and convenient to the users.

Factors to be considered when buying Air Hockey Table

In order to purchasing an air hockey table of any type it is important to consider the best table that is equivalent to the amount of money spent on it, thus the following factors are not left out:

Ring walls

To ensure that the table last for a long in extensive use, the ring walls are made of vary hard materials which can be a nylon, aluminum and other durable materials and can provide reflection. Although they are expensive, they are the best quality one can choose as the cannot get scratched easily.

Place to buy the Air Hockey Table

Places to buy an air hockey table will be chosen I terms of simplicity and durability. For beginners, tables can be obtained from a brick and mortar sporting goods stores with fewer varieties of air hockey tables and for durable and complex air hockey tables, a buyer should purchase from a specialized manufacturer with different sizes. Online purchase is the best because different sizes are sold.

The Size of the Air Hockey Table

Before deciding on the size of the air hockey table, it is important to know the available space for the table and for playing.

Large table size will require expensive table to purchase. Therefore, a full-size table is 90 inches in length and 50 inches in width and the space is 10 by7 area.

Air Hockey Table motor

Motor in air hockey game helps in supplying the air that is pumped across the surface of the table by use of plenum chamber. Also, an air hockey table should moderate heat and should not be noisy.

Air Hockey Table construction

To maintain stability of the air hockey table, it should be sturdy and made of solid wood in order to maintain the weight exerted and enable the players to lean comfortably on the sides of the table even when the floor of the room is not uniform.


Air hockey is a popular game to people of all ages thus it is very competitive. Therefore, to purchase an air hockey table it is important to understand the needs of the user. The decisions made should be guided by player skill, budget, and available skill among others.

Buyers should find correct information before they make a final decision of purchasing an hockey table so that they choose a table that is durable and efficient to use.

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